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Player Information
Player name: Lambie
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Character Information
Character Name: Gin
Canon: Detective Conan
Canon Point: post-Bell Tree Express Arc
History: "
Personality: Gin is, at first glance, coldly distant in his reticent and non-challant behaviour, particularly in contrast with his more talkative and friendly (at least as far as members of the syndicate go) partner Vodka.

His most striking feature, aside from his very long hair, are his dull and pitiless green eyes which betray his lack of empathy and compassion.

One look into his eyes gave Kudo Shinichi chills and insight as to Gin's nature as a coldblooded and ruthless assassin. One look is all it takes for Gin to silence many who would otherwise stand up to him.

Gin is quite frequently bored and impassive regarding life and people, taking only the slightest of fleeting interest in others. He is not fond of speaking without need, although he does not mind listening to Vodka speak.

Other humans either aggravate or amuse him, sometimes alternating between the two categories. He views people as simple playthings or sources of amusment. Much as a cat might play with a prey mouse or bird before eating it, so would Gin toy with other people before mercilessly killing them. However, he usually takes people down with a single shot, rather than wasting ammunition toying with them; he would rather wear them down with words before delivering a single killing blow.

Vermouth's tendancy to keep secrets while only teasing others with hints, never to follow them up with revealations, is a trait Gin finds "sickening," in his words, but he responds favourably to her flirtatious suggestion that they "mix martinis" tonight, responding in amusement, that "mixing black and black will only give you black."

This was only shortly after Vermouth had snuck up on Gin and his partner in the guise of a waiter delivering complimentary drinks, to which Gin responded by putting out his cigarette in his partner's drink (before gullible Vodka could take a sip) and stabbing Vermouth with an icepick (although she evades any serious injury), tearing off her mask during his attack, demanding to know what she was planning to do.

Gin's behaviour is often quite difficult to predict.

He outwardly shows very little emotion, seemingly content to do nothing more than quietly smoke his cigarettes, drive around in his prized classic car, and listen to music, before suddenly he taking out his Beretta m1934 and shooting or threatening others with it.

He switches from apathetic to hostile rather quickly, but seems to take great pleasure in the actual act of killing, often grinning widely as he does so and never showing any trace of remorse for his actions, apparantly wholly without conscience; an unfeeling creature driven solely by animalistic instincts, preying on whatever he is ordered to or believes might stand in his way. This, the duality of his treatment of other people, and some of the other previously listed personality traits strongly suggest some form of sociopathy.

The only things we know for sure that Gin truly loves are his car (a black Porsche 356a), his gun, and the act of killing. His feelings for everything aside from those things are as unpredictable and twisted as he is.

His partnership with Vodka is unbalanced by its very nature and he does not hesitate to turn his gun on him, although he forgives Vodka's mistakes more than he does others.

At times, he can even be friendly (as friendly as Gin could ever be) and playful when dealing with Vodka. For example, shortly after walking in on Vodka acting against plans, Gin holds his partner at gunpoint while he calmly questions him as to what he is doing. Vodka is obviously frightened, but after he explains his plans, Gin takes his gun away and explains to Vodka where the latter went wrong, even picking up a cigarette Vodka had dropped and explaining to him that traces of his saliva can be used to give the authorities information on his identity, so why not hang onto it? This ends in a smirking Gin popping the cigarette back into his surprised partner's mouth.

Whereas with all others, Gin is simply domineering and gruff, but he is also usually fairly polite and calm, even as he holds others at gunpoint. He can speak politely and behave in an almost charming manner if he so wishes (such as when he apologizes to Vermouth for involving a lady like her in such ugly ), but he never loses his dangerous edge.

He also holds Kir at gunpoint when he had her call Akai and when he doubted in Akai's death, speaking with her calmly the entire time... at the end, despite her urging, he did not let go of his suspicions, but grinned and decided instead that he was so overjoyed he could hardly contain it, for if Akai lived, he could "kill him all over again."

Another aspect of Gin's character that is immediately apparant is his habit of chain smoking. He is rarely, if ever, seen without a cigarette clenched between his teeth.

He often kills with a cigarette still held between his teeth.

When it comes to former Black Organization member— his current target and obsession— Sherry (Miyano Shiho), things become much more twisted.

He held her in high esteem as a valuable researcher, unlike her "expendible" sister Miyano Akemi, up until her betrayal.

Gin despises traitors. In his eyes, Miyano Akemi, who planned to escape with her sister from the Organization they were born into, is a traitor who deserves to be punished with death. The same goes for Miyano Shiho.

When speaking with Pisco, Gin tells him that he should "grab a hold of that woman," refering to Shiho, and bring her to him. He also says, "yeah, no problem. Even if there's nothing below her neck."

Unlike her sister, who he killed swiftly, Gin prolongs Shiho's execution needlessly and tortures her more than he does any other target, but he also goes to great lengths to make sure her death is as suitably beautiful as he can manage. He also engages her in conversation in between firing bullets into her body.

He expresses disappointment in finding her dressed in a janitor's clothes, but nonetheless finds beauty in how the blood she sheds scatters on the white snow, glimmering in the darkness.

It should be noted that the colour red, which he focused on, is also her favourite colour. He seems to have every aspect of her memorized, from her hair to her favourite colour. He can even accurately predict what decisions she might make, which is why he decided not to search for her in Haido, despite nearly killing her on the rooftop of the Haido City Hotel. He knew that she was too clever to stay in a place where she had been found by him, but he did not expect Conan to convince Ai (shrunken Shiho) to stay in Haido City or the nearby Beika District.

He also has a strange tendancy to picture her in the nude, as shown both in Haido and in the Bell Tree Express arc, suggesting some sort of attraction.

He loves to call her by name (names and pronouns are not often used in Japanese, their use often being considered extraneous, so this repetition is noteworthy), especially when speaking to her, but usually only by the codename "Sherry," assigned to her in the Organization, and not "Miyano Shiho."

His obsession with her might be what led him to sabotage himself by wasting time waxing poetic about her blood on the snow and riddling her body with bullets, rather than killing her; also, he killed Pisco before the older man could divulge Sherry's secret identity as elementary school-aged Haibara Ai.

Lastly, little is known about the leader of the syndicate, but it seems that he is on good terms with Gin, who carries out his orders dutifully; Gin is often sent to dispose of members who are no longer seen to be of use or who have turned traitor, as well as to embezzle money and kill threats to the Organization.

Still, in spite of Gin's loyalty to the Organization, he can and will go against its leader's orders if he believes it's in the best interest of the Organization as a whole. So one can say he is more loyal to the Black Organization than he is to anyone in it.

In spite of his unpredictability, his loyalty to the syndicate is good enough in the eyes of "that person" to earn Gin a high rank and power over lesser members.

Gin takes his job as an assassin quite seriously, although he also enjoys it at the same time, never disobeying orders or leaving a job half-finished, whenever possible.

Aside from killing, he also seems to enjoy tormenting people in other ways, preying on their fears and mocking them as he kills them.

Expectedly, he hates the police and FBI due to his profession, but he has a particular grudge against Akai Shuichi (who went undercover as Black Organization member Rye) who gave Gin the scar on his left cheek and threatens to bring down the entire syndicate.

Powers & Abilities: A high level of intelligence necessary to outsmart detectives and evade capture by the police. Stealth and fair cooperation with Vodka (it is generally when Gin does not pay attention to his partner's moves that things go awry), although there are some agents he is not fond of working with, such as Bourbon.

Gin's intelligence and commanding persona also make him an exceptionally good leader, as he's orchestrated a number of missions for the Black Organization. Gin is an executive agent of the Black Organization and oversees the assassination department.
Items on your character at canon point: Beretta m 1934 with silencer, Beretta 92FS, gun clips, and a couple of packets of Galouises cigarettes. Maybe a handkerchief and car keys or something.
Can he keep his coat and fedora? He's got a dress code to follow.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses: He has excellent aim, able to shoot from great distances with a rifle (although this skill is only shown in a non-canonical movie, he does take a rifle from one of the snipers and uses the scope to pinpoint Akai, so his familiarity implies this skill is canon for the manga too), not to mention the fact that Gin also enjoys a high pain tolerance, only releasing a small and brief grunt when he shoots himself through the arm to keep himself from succumbing to the effects of Conan's tranquilizer dart. He manages to stay awake afterwards as well, long enough to climb down a chimney, shoot a man in the head at point blank range, then escape by climbing up the same chimney to escape the police. It suggests he has built up a tolerance for various drugs and poisons so he would not immediately succumb to their effects.

His cold eyes also inspire great fear in most people and one look into Gin's eyes is usually enough to deter them.

Gin also implements the use of poisons, such as the experimental drug Apotoxin 4869, in his killings, although he prefers guns. In times where the noise would attract unwanted attention, he would switch to blunt trauma to disable the victim, followed by a quick and untracable poisoning.

He can also disguise himself very quickly, although his ability to disguise himself probably isn't on par with Vermouth's; it's her specialty.

He is techno-savvy, like most of the Organization members we've seen. He can send e-mails, tap your phone line, operate a thermal imaging camera, hack into databases, the usual.

He can recognize Sherry from a single hair and accurately predict her movements.

... also, since he was the one orchestrating the whole Kir rescue operation, which involved taunting an FBI member by way of potted flowers (Colombine flowers, meaning "decisive win" or "we will obtain without fail"), he's probably knowledgeable in hanakotoba (the language of flowers).

Gin is also very astute and intelligent, having almost never been outsmarted by Kudou Shinichi/Edogawa Conan and usually seeing through his ploys. He is often considered one of the few characters in the series who is on par with Shinichi's cleverness.

Gin also seems to dislike children (much as he does people in general, admittedly) and generally sees them as a nuisance, calling them brats, and once gave up on a search when he realized an adult could not have hidden him or herself in such a small and cramped place. It's fortunate for little Conan, who was hiding in a locker, but if Gin had not given up his search, he would have surely found the shrunken detective.

Unlike other members of the Organization (such as Vermouth and Kir), Gin shows no sympathy or kindness even to children. He would rather kill a little boy based on suspicion, than to assume his innocence and let him go.

Gin kills so indiscriminately, that the number of people he has killed is a mystery even to himself. Moreover, he has a tendancy to forget the faces of those he kills. It's a psychological weakness and also the reason he cannot recognize Shinichi by name or appearance. Gin also forgets anyone he sees die. He doesn't appear to be at all troubled by all the death he's dealt, but it does seem that his mind simply can't handle the burden of remembering every single victim, so in order to continue, that information is thrown out as soon as the job is over. As for people he did not, himself, kill, the memories might be recovered, but only after considerable effort and time.

Network/Action Spam Sample: Here's one with Conan! It's fuuuun~
Short little thread with the Doctor.
Prose Log Sample:

It had been several days since Gin had arrived and though he had gone through the motions of getting settled and acclimated, despite the absurd clnditions— honestly, what kind of creature simply accepts being taken from one place and left somewhere else, but mere livestock? He imagined the denizens as sheep, herded to pasture, grazing to fatten themselves for slaughter to feed a yet-unknown entity— but he was not above taking care of himself. Drawing too much attention by acting was out of the question, he had his pride, of course, but he also had the intellect required to realize there would be no benefit in rejecting it all. He simply couldn't be complacent.

So he sat at the bar, rolling the ice in a shot of liquor, mulling over the similarly preposterous conditions of this place, with its unnecessary and gaudy lights when every other place he's been went without electricity.

Over the past few days, Gin found himself playing detective, because an excellent criminal had to be an excellent detective as well. He was committed to investigating, searching, and observing everything, starting from the Northtown area. Thus far, he had found only old, largely abandoned western-style homes— how he hated the countryside— a very different impression from his modern Tokyo. Wherever they were, it was nowhere he recognized and he suspected it wouldn't be found on any map, the place seemed to have been recently abandoned. The graveyard was daunting and massive. It's as if a plague wiped everyone out and left behind this ghost town. There didn't seem to be any pattern he could recognize among the chosen victims. No clue there...

It seemed he'd have to keep looking. For now, he was grateful to have something to wet his throat, even if the establishment was one of the shadiest there was in this place.

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